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Haxogreen 2018


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Event haxogreen 2018
Name haxogreen 2018
Contact fridgefire
Duration 2018/07/26 - 2018/07/29
Information A hackercamp in Luxemburg

* Location: Luxemburg


... is a 4-day outdoor summer camp for over 100 hackers from all over Europe

... is where a community of creators, innovators, engineers, programmers and artists gathers and meets for an informal information-exchange, for talks, workshops and live music, and above all, for fun.

... is the summer-feeling of july, the adventure of outdoor camping, the smell of bbq and the thrill of long nights.

... is a cozy campsite with lots of technology


Campsite Belvedere Rue Jean Friedrich I-3469 Dudelange G.D. of Luxembourg 49.479797, 6.077427


4 days, 40 euros, free t-shirt



Fridgefires car (+Trailer / dakkoffer):

  • fridgefire
  • friedzombie
  • Leroy
  • DarkBlue

Borg car:

  • Dave
  • Renze

Stuff we have to take with us

Food stuff

  • Gaspit + pan + olie (Fried) (musclehacker gaat luxemburgse pannekoeken bakken)
  • gas koffie pot (Fried)
  • waterkoker (fridgefire)
  • gewone thee (fridgefire)
  • 2 wafel ijzers stroop en andere toe behoren (Fried)
  • Oven (fridgefire)
  • Gas BBQ (michiel)
  • Fridge (without the fire) (fridgefire)
  • 10 bekers (Michiel)
  • 10 Borden (Michiel)
  • 10 messen + 10 vorken (fridgefire)

Cleaning stuff

  • Afwasmiddel (fridgefire)
  • Afwasbak (fridgefire)
  • theedoeken (fridgefire)
  • vuilniszakken (fridgefire)


  • Haspel (Michiel)
  • stekkerblokken (Van TkkrLab)
  • verlengsnoeren (Van TkkrLab)


  • twee grote tafels (fridgefire)
  • 6 compacte stoelen (Michiel heeft er 3)

Tent stuff

  • tent Michiel (Passen veel meer mensen in) (fridgefire)
  • lamp voor in tent Michiel (fridgefire)
  • compressor (fridgefire)

TkkrLab Stuff

  • tkkrlab stickers
  • TkkrLab vlag (en / of banner)

Don't forget

  • Tickets (iedereen!)
  • hackerspace paspoort (als je er één hebt)

Cool projects

  • 1D-Pong
  • LedPet (Dave)
  • Mame Arcade + TV (Dave)

Stuff we took the previous time. Do we need this?

  • Slaaptent DarkBlue (DarkBlue)
  • Slaaptent Dave (Dave)
  • Bak met kabels / luchtbed / slaapzak (DarkBlue)
  • nog een bak met kabels e.d. (tsd)
  • Campingklapstoel (DarkBlue)
  • Campingklapstoel (tsd)
  • koffiemaak ding voor de waterkoker (Darkblue)
  • oplosthee (Renze)
  • cake (fried)
  • Spin (DarkBlue)