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Mini A5 Laser


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Project: Mini A5 Laser
Mini A5 Laser Picture.jpg
Name Mini A5 Laser
Initiator zeno4ever
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Skills Arduino, CNC
Summary Make a chinese A5 Laser more useable

On this page you find the problems (and solutions) of building a cheap chinese mini laser. See this as hints that you can use for improving your own mini laser, but there are no guarantee that everything is 100%, so use on your own risk!!

You working with lasers that might damage your eyes when used improperly. Be aware of your own (and other bystanders) safety.

This is a cheap clone of Eleksmaker A5.


They included a video where they show how to build the machine. Some details are not clearly snown so here some extra notes :

  • before you screw on the acry leg be sure you have the nuts installed for adjusting the belts.


Default version 0.8 was installed, this is a old version and has no laser support. I updated to GRBL 1.1f but an extra challenge is that pin D11 and D12 are swapped (so you can use hardware PWM)

I solved this by hardware, I don't user pin D12 any way (=Z home limit) and rerouted pin D11 to position of D12.

You could also fix this in software by disable the option '#define VARIABLE_SPINDLE' in config.h, but then you have only laser on/off control, wich is very limited.

Other way to fix this is by modify the pcb "You can cut the track connected to D12 on your board and connect it to D11 to install grbl v1.1."

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