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Nachi SC06F-02

Nachi robot.jpg

March 26 2014

Been to Filip Jonkers' workplace today, pictures can be found[[1][here]], and got the first signals of life from the Nachi robot. It started up complaining about a constant file missing, and by placing a 1.44" disk, we were able to initialize the system. We got a lot of complaints about batteries that were dead, and found one battery in the main cabinet (looked like normal AA, but was in fact 3.6V Lithium cell). Somehow the handheld trainer device still nags about an emergency stop, although all 3 stops are in extended position.

After reading some material at home, we can try the following things:

  • Using the brake release switches at the top of the control cabinet
  • Replace battery, and batteries (type? Also Lithium?) in the base of the robot to take care of backup of system
  • Figure out emergency stops. All signals should be normally closed. The Safety plug feature should only limit speed of operation, not operation itself.