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  Project Name Project Status Project Owner
Tkkrduck Tkkrduck 100% finished FriedZombie
Midi Organ Midi Organ 4.2% finished Duality and Renze
NodeMCU Webserver NodeMCU Webserver 5% finished #FFAA5E
EtherLight EtherLight 99.9% finished User:JoeyJo0
Pixelmatrix Pixelmatrix 99.9% finished fridgefire and Duality
Big CNC machine Big CNC machine Actief Eric-Jan ,Peter ,fridgefire
Cnc machine cnc machine Actief tkkrlab
ArduSat ArduSat emulation Active zeno4ever
Commodore64 VT100 Emulator Commodore64 VT100 Emulator Active Peterbjornx
Tkkrlab Token Ring Network Tkkrlab Token Ring Network Being designed JoeyJo0, Jawsper
Previous     Results 11– 20    Next        (20 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500)