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TS6090 TwenSpace laser cutter


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Project: TS6090 Laser cutter
TS6090 TwenSpace laser cutter Picture.jpg
Name TS6090 Laser cutter
Initiator Zeno4ever
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Skills Electronics, firmwere
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I bought a TS6090 100W laser cutter made bij Merknaam:JIN ZHI YIN. As you would expect with a cheap china lasercutter the controlling hardware (and software) is a bit crappy.

Controller board of TS6090, Lihuiyu M2 Nano

Current controller is a Lihuiyu M2 Nano, used in many cheap chinese lasers.

So I want to upgrade the 'brains' of the machine with a MKS board (clone of smoothieboard). You need the folling parts (prices are indication of cost, no shipping, tax etc.)

  • MKS board ($45.59)
  • LCD screen ($4.80) The package deals with touch screens doesn't work in these configs.
  • Rotary encoder ($1.28 ) for menu control.
  • 2 Optocouplers $0.50 a piece, needed for laser power.

Additional general info


TS6090 Lihuiyu M2 Nano.JPG




  • make nice plate for LCD and rotary encoder
  • replace legs of laser cutter, they are really flimsy. Plan is to make a cabinet to put the laer on.


Notes for work in progress, not finished so may be faulty


  • 1 - 5
  • 2 - 6 |
  • 3 - 7 |
  • 4 - 8

EXT1 P1.31 P1.30 P0.18 P0.16 P0.14 NC NC NC GND 5V

EXP1 Smooty Display

  • GND 4 GND 1 GND
  • 5V 8 5V 2 5V
  • MOSI 2 P0.18 5 R/W
  • SCK 3 P0.14 6 [T]
  • CS 6 P0.16 4 RS

Rotary Encoder

EXT1 Smootie Encoder

  • 5 P1.30 SW

EXT2 Smootie Encoder

  • 2 P3.25 CLK
  • 4 GND GND
  • 3 P03.26 DT