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TS6090 TwenSpace laser cutter


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Project: TS6090 Laser cutter
TS6090 TwenSpace laser cutter Picture.jpg
Name TS6090 Laser cutter
Initiator Zeno4ever
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Skills Electronics, firmwere
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I bought a TS6090 100W laser cutter made bij Merknaam:JIN ZHI YIN. As you would expect with a cheap china lasercutter the controlling hardware (and software) is a bit crappy.

Controller board of TS6090, Lihuiyu M2 Nano

Current controller is a Lihuiyu M2 Nano, used in many cheap chinese lasers.

So I want to upgrade the 'brains' of the machine with a MKS board (clone of smoothieboard). You need the folling parts (prices are indication of cost, no shipping, tax etc.)

  • MKS board ($45.59)
  • LCD screen ($4.80) The package deals with touch screens doesn't work in these configs.
  • Rotary encoder ($1.28 ) for menu control.
  • 2 Optocouplers $0.50 a piece, needed for laser power.

Additional general info


TS6090 Lihuiyu M2 Nano.JPG




  • make nice plate for LCD and rotary encoder
  • replace legs of laser cutter, they are really flimsy. Plan is to make a cabinet to put the laer on.

12864 LCD Display

This is only the bare display, so without 'smart' features like SD card or included rotary encoder.

LCD Display
Smoothie name Smoothie pin Display pin Display function
GND EXT1 9 1 GND / Black
5V EXT1 10 2 5V / Red
P0.18 EXT1 3 5 R/W = MOSI Green
P0.14 EXT1 5 6 E = SCK Yellow
P0.16 EXT1 4 4 RS / CS Orange

Rotary Encoder

Rotary Encoder
Smoothie name Smoothie pin Rotary pin Rotary function
P1.30 EXT1 2 SW / White
P3.25 EXT2 3 CLK - Pin A - Yellow
GND EXT2 9 GND GND + Pin c - Black
P3.26 EXT2 5 DT Pin B - Green