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TS6090 TwenSpace laser cutter


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Project: TS6090 Laser cutter
TS6090 TwenSpace laser cutter Picture.jpg
Name TS6090 Laser cutter
Initiator Zeno4ever
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Skills Electronics, firmwere
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I bought a TS6090 80W laser cutter made bij Merknaam JIN ZHI YIN. As you would expect with a cheap china lasercutter the controlling hardware (and software) is a bit crappy.


Specifications (in short)

  • Bed size 60x90 cm
  • 80 Watt laser tube
  • Flow sensor (connected to power supply)
  • Lihuiyu M2 Nano controller (with Coral Draw plug and USB protection)

Controller board of TS6090, Lihuiyu M2 Nano

So I want to upgrade the 'brains' of the machine with a MKS board (clone of smoothieboard). TkkrLab have already modified an other lasercutter that works well, so I want to change this laser to the same software.

Hardware Modifycations

Needed parts

Prices are indication of cost, no shipping, tax etc.

  • MKS board ($45.59)
  • LCD screen ($4.80) The package deals with touch screens doesn't work in these configs.
  • Rotary encoder ($1.28 ) for menu control.
  • 2 Optocouplers $0.50 a piece, needed for laser power.

Additional general info


TS6090 Lihuiyu M2 Nano.JPG


  • XY Stops was 1 connector (white bottom on before photo), changed this to two separate connectors. Use a multimeter to see how the connections are.
  • Power for the board new we only need 24V. Smoothieboard has screw terminal, just screw on the cables (was 24+5 volt for Lihuiyu board)
  • Smoothie use the same connectors for XY steppers, so just plug in.

Laser control

Power control was done manually with a seperate control (bottom left on before photo, that has to be done from smoothieboard. For this we create a small print inspired on our experience with the TkkrLab lasercutter.

Remove the original analog display (unscrew bolts) and button interface (you can control it by software, so not REALLY needed). Later you can replace this with a nice LCD display & Rotary Encoder. The connector of this original analog display is connected to smoothieboard J8 (near SD card).

Additional wishes

  • Safety switch, turn of laser is the lid is open.

12864 LCD Display

This is only the bare display, so without 'smart' features like SD card or included rotary encoder.

Pin layout for MKS Smoothie and 12864 LCD Display

LCD Display
Smoothie name Smoothie pin Display pin Display function
GND EXT1 9 1 GND / Black
5V EXT1 10 2 5V / Red
P0.18 EXT1 3 5 R/W = MOSI Green
P0.14 EXT1 5 6 E = SCK Yellow
P0.16 EXT1 4 4 RS / CS Orange

Rotary Encoder

Pin layout for MKS Smoothie and rotary encoder

Rotary Encoder
Smoothie name Smoothie pin Rotary pin Rotary function
P1.30 EXT1 2 SW / White
P3.25 EXT2 3 CLK - Pin A - Yellow
GND EXT2 9 GND GND + Pin c - Black
P3.26 EXT2 5 DT Pin B - Green




First update the current firmware with the latest. All left to do is to make a good 'config' text file with all the settings.