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VOIP & open source


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Event TkkrLab: VOIP & open source
Name TkkrLab: VOIP & open source

Duration 2012/02/18 - 2012/02/18
Information How to open (source) your VIOP phone

* Location: TkkrLab, Kloosterstraat 1
* Open from: 14:00


Sorry this lecture is cancelled we have not enough people interested in this lecture. You are welcome to visit any of the other workshops and lectures.

How to create your own firmware for your VOIP phone by Rick van Rein

In this lecture Rick is going to explain how to develop a open source firmware for any SIP phone. This is by demonstrating this proces with the BT200 and all the steps that are needed.

After the lecture there will be an opportunity to ask question or talk with Rick.



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