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Rick van Rein invites you to learn from OpenFortress' experience with IPv6.

Jan 11, 2011 we will start on 19:00 with after a small regular meeting. There will be room for other activities as well.

What will you learn?

Topics to cover are:

  • Differences IPv4 / IPv6
  • Address and prefix syntax
  • Addressing and routing schemes
  • Autoconfiguration and DHCPv6
  • Transition: 6to4, 6in4, and a mistake called Teredo
  • Tunnels: SIXXS, Freenet6 (getting IPv6 anywhere you like)
  • Life beyond NAT (and with firewalls)
  • Solving problems (I'm sure we'll run into plenty)
  • Why SIP phone calls over IPv6 rock

I prepared some slides to get us started.

How to prepare?

  • I will assume that you have experience configuring IPv4 networking (no time for a crash course on basics).
  • If you already decided to go for IPv6, I'd suggest that you go through the 10 easy steps at SIXXS so you can setup a tunnel "for real". If you do this in time, you may actually be able to request a subnet as well -- which is not instantly possible when you request your first tunnel. It takes a week or so to collect "experience points".
  • I think I'm not gonna make it to request the subnet :( Onedutch

What should you bring?

I expect to have native IPv6 by then, and will try to get it going wirelessly as well.

  • Laptop with fully charged battery
  • UTP cable of some length
  • An ethernet switch, if you have a spare one
    • Zeno brings a 5 Ports switch
    • Drbytes brings several 4/5 port 10/100mb switches and a bunch of patchcables
  • Anything beyond coffee, tea and biscuits that you'd like to use ;-)

Access is open to anyone with sufficient networking skills.

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